Gillies Bay Window ©

Timothy Atwood

Stained Glass ** Fine Woodwork
Metal Work ** Architectural Detailing

I often incorporate my art into functional objects or architecture so that it will be frequently encountered. I strive for art which changes throughout the day, lighting conditions and use. In this way I work to create art which continues to surprise and inspire long after the basic function of the object has become habit.

Browse through the images and thoughts on this web site. If you are interested in anything you see here, do not hesitate to contact me. Ask me what I can do to create beauty for you. Special requests and commissions welcome.

I take much of my inspiration from the nature as you will see in the "Nature" and "Garden & Bugs" areas of the web site. Even the Prairie School style as typified by Frank Lloyd Wright draws much of it's original imagery from surroundings and nature. When I think about it even the symbols I work with, such as Yin & Yang, contain ideas drawn from the world around me: moon /sun - female / male - water / fire - earth / air - curved nature / angular geometries.

Feel free to visit me in my studio. Turn right at the Fry Pan Lane and Iron Mine Road signs halfway up Priest Lake Hill - just beyond Priest Lake - the large lakeon the way to Gillies Bay, Texada Island. Follow the Fry Pans about 3km to Fry Pan Lane. Call first at 604-483-8008 to be certain I will be in.
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