I gladly accept commissions for stained glass work. Commissions may be for a design custom to you or based on an "off-the-shelf" design. In many cases you will find a custom window costs only slightly more.

Design Development offers a description of how this process might work for you. I have provided a lot of information to help you out with this. All the information may seem a little daunting but I can assure you the final process is usually very easy.

While you are looking at Design Development, be sure to follow the links for examples of windows I have designed for people.

Some items such as Dragonflies are available for direct purchase.

Most stained glass work, even larger pieces can be shipped to your location.

For stained glass windows or doors a local carpenter can often do the installation. The Installation section has some ideas of common ways stained glass panels are installed.

There are a few things which can trip up this commission process. With a little care and thought they need not be a problem. The most common is mis-measurement of sizes for the commission. To ensure incorrect measurements do not cause problems, read Measuring and Measurement Guidelines.

The second most common problem is misunderstandings about the nature of colour in stained glass and the limitations of colour representation in designs for stained glass. Please read Colour Notes.

Each commission is an individual situation in regards to cost. Most of the commissioned art pieces shown on this site list an approximate cost for a similar commission. Some more general guidelines can be found under Fees and Payment Schedules.

Thank you. I look forward to creating a custom work of art for you.

- Timothy Atwood


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