"Imagining Yin"

by Timothy Atwood

double layer stained glass hanging

Yang & Yin
Male and Female
Angular & Sinuous
Fire & Water
Sky & Earth

Imagining the opposite which is so close yet not there. Paradox at the same time the opposite is part of us.

At least I think that is what I meant by this piece? Part of the attraction of ancient symbols such as Yin and Yang is the way the meanings layer, deepen and change.

Double layers of glass transpose the angular against the sinuous. Warm colours merge with cool. Shifting with view and light.

Imagining Yin stained glass view 1

"Imagining Yin" stained glass hanging

  • 2 layers of glass
  • Glass: Wissmach, Spectrum, Glaverbel "Delta" Bronze
  • Copper came and copper frame
  • 18" x 24"
  • $650 Sold
Imagining Yin stained glass hanging view 2 Imagining Yin stained glass hanging view 3