"Gillies Bay Landscape" stained glass

by Timothy Atwood

Gillies Bay stained glass window ©

Overlooking the ocean and Vancouver Island from Gillies Bay, Texada Island at Sunset.

I enjoy rendering landscapes such as this one in stained glass. I added one of my signature west coast fir trees to the window to add balance and foreground interest to the landscape.

Gillies Bay window

  • Glass Spectrum, Kokomo, Uroboros, Glaverbel "Delta Bronze"
  • Copper came and copper frame
  • Diamond shaped
    25.5" sides
    (36" diagonal)
  • Sold
  • Similar commission:

This window was cut and constructed "freehand" from the photo. Only the most basic pattern was originally designed to estimate glass usage. All detail cutting was done by eye. I love working in this free style which allows me to adjust colour and balance of the piece as I work.

Gillies Bay Landscape stained glass window ©
Photo of Gillies Bay at Sunset ©
Original photo from which stained glass hanging was created.
design sketch for Gillies Bay window ©
rough design sketch for
Gillies Bay window

This was only a rough sketch of the design. I changed many of the details on-the-fly as I built the stained glass window. To see how I can design a window for you using similar methods see: Design Development