"Crooked Fir #2 - Moon" stained glass

by Timothy Atwood

"Sun Wave" stained glass window

One of the most wonderful - and one of the most challenging - things about working in glass is the way it changes with different views and lighting. These four photos show how texture. opalescence, iridescence, light and shadow can all work together to create interest in a very simple window throughout the day in all lighting conditions.

Depicting the moon over Malaspina Strait behind the trunk of the "Crooked Fir" for which this residence is named.

The four views to the right show how the window changes with different lighting.

"Crooked Fir #2 - Moon" oval window

  • Glass Spectrum, Uroboros, Bullseye
  • Oval 16" x 32 "
  • Sold
  • Similar commission:
    $500 approx.