Shipping Information

Stained glass items up to 36" x 36" can be successfully shipped by standard carriers. Flat pieces are sandwiched within rigid construction foam. If needed, additional rigidity is added by cross-members of more rigid foam. The outside is covered with cardboard or even thin plywood to reduce the chance of a puncture making it through to the glass.

Larger items need to be palletized. Packed in a wooden crate then securely fastened in a vertical position on a pallet. Glass shipped "on edge" has much more resistance to breakage than glass laying flat. Palletizing ensures the crate can never be laid down flat. It ensures heavier crates are always handled by forklift minimizing the chance of them being dropped. Items shipped this way must be shipped to a location capable of offloading with a forklift.

Within much of Western Canada I prefer to ship with a specialty art carrier. This carrier will insure glass. The slightly higher cost is well worth the peace of mind of a full insured shipment.

When shipping large palletized items to other locations I will attempt to find a transport carrier willing to insure glass against breakage. If possible I will ship via such carrier.

To some locations I may not be able to use specialized carrier. All standard carriers such as courier or parcel companies and the post office will not insure glass against breakage. Using my packing methods I have never yet had a piece arrive broken. However, I can not insure against breakage when shipped by these carriers.

Because each piece, location and situation is different, contact me for a freight estimate.

Thank you, Timothy Atwood