Example fee and payment schedule for commissions

The fees and payment structure for commissions can be as varied as the commissions themselves. The following is only an example of how a moderate difficulty, moderately priced commission might work out like I am open to alternate arrangements.

Initial Design Fee: $100 due when designing begins.

Commission to be paid in thirds:

  • 1/3 when design has been approved, costing agreed to, and commission work is to begin. This is for initial material costs.
  • 1/3 when the commission has reached a the 50% completion stage. When at least one item in the commission can be laid out on my light table and photographed with final colours and structures, I will take a photograph and email it to you.
  • 1/3 upon final shipment or installation of the item(s).

In most cases the initial design fee will be applied against the final payment reducing the final payment by $100.

Note just because you have paid the design fee and then decide not to go with myself for building the stained glass, does not mean you own the design. I still retain the copyright on all designs I create. The fee for a license to have one of my designs built by someone else is generally higher than the basic $100 design fee.

Thank you, Timothy Atwood