Design Development

I am happy to design custom stained glass art for you.

I use a computer aided design program called Glass Eye by Dragonfly Software. This program is written for stained glass. It allows me to provide clients with some of the best possible design images for pre-approval. In many cases designs can be approved through images I send through email or post on my web site.

For examples of windows designed using this process, see: Sun Wave, Mountain Ash, Spectacle Lake Transom and Irises.

I have the experience and breadth to design pieces in many styles including natural, geometric, symbolic and Prairie School. I am always happy to stretch my design skills to achieve exactly what you want. Browse through the images on this site to see examples of what I could design for you.

When designing stained glass for you, I will probably ask a lot of questions. Your colour preferences, style preferences, subject matter, window or door location, lighting, environment and probably more. This will ensure I am able to make the best choices to create the most beautiful piece possible.

I will also ask details about where the stained glass is to be installed and the exact measurements. Many of these details are critical to ensure the stained glass fits properly. I will also make every effort to ensure you are satisfied with the colours of the stained glass.

My art in stained glass, wood and metal is not just about the design. I construct all my pieces to the highest standards of quality. There are many construction details which are critical to the long term integrity this type of art.

To encourage my quality standards of construction are met, I will usually wave the fee for the design so long as I also create the final stained glass work. If you wish to have someone else construct a piece based on a design I have created, I request that you ask my permission so I can ensure my standards of construction are maintained.

Thank you, Timothy Atwood

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