Timothy Atwood

Stained Glass ** Fine Woodwork
Metal Work ** Architectural Detailing

I work to the highest standards of quality. I guarantee all my work to be properly constructed for a lifetime of pleasure.

The installation and construction methods described on this web site are intended to meet the highest standards of quality. In the vast majority of cases they will ensure your stained and leaded glass panel endures for generations. However, it is impossible to cover every situation.

If you have questions or concerns, please be sure to raise them with me.

I am an artist, not a licensed contractor. If you have any concerns about installation or how stained glass will affect your building, please consult someone licensed in your location.

It is impossible to know building codes in all locations. Please consult a professional certified in your location if you have concerns about stained glass in relation to your building codes.

Most of the building codes I have dealt with have special exemptions for art such as stained glass. Some even have code sections written specifically for stained glass. If the professional you are consulting has not dealt with stained glass before, they may be unaware of these provisions. In many building codes the sections will be referred to as "leaded glass"

Stained glass panels are constructed of many smaller pieces of glass with metal channels holding them together. In this they are very different than single sheets of clear glass. In many cases building codes written for window sealed thermal units can not be reasonably applied to stained or leaded glass.

My art in stained glass, wood and metal is not just about the design. I construct all my pieces to the highest standards of quality. There are many construction details which are critical to the long term integrity this type of art.

I strive to ensure any art made from a design of mine is built to these standards of quality. I prefer wherever possible to do the construction myself. In this way I can ensure the final piece meets the same level of excellence as the design. To encourage this I will usually wave the fee for the design so long as I also create the final stained glass work.

If you wish to have someone else construct a piece based on a design I have created, I request that you ask my permission so I can ensure my standards of construction are maintained.

It is important to note in all cases I retain copyright for any designs I create.

In most cases I also retain the right to do similar pieces in the future. If you wish to ensure no substantially similar design is done by myself, please enquire.

Web pages on this site relating to installation and construction are for informational purposes only.