Mountain Ash Stained Glass Window

by Timothy Atwood

"Mountain Ash" stained glass window ©
"Mountain Ash" stained glass window
shown hanging in a temporary location in my studio.

Mountain Ash Window

  • Clear textured glass
  • Glass in browns and greens with red highlights
  • Copper came and copper frame
  • 34" x 45.75"
  • Sold Commission
  • Similar commission:
    $1500 approx.

For this window I used the geometric styles and mathematical progressions common to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright to create a new image. The window was inspired by the colours and forms of Mountain Ash trees.

All design consultation and approval for this window was done through email and telephone. The window was shipped to Calgary to be installed by a carpenter. In fact I have never actually been to the home the window was designed for.

Mountain Ash design proof ©
Computer aided design for
"Mountain Ash"

To see how I can design a window for you using similar methods see: Design Development

Window shown in final installation in Calgary Alberta
Mountain Ash stained glass window installed  ©