Moon and Fir Stained Glass Windows

by Timothy Atwood

"Moon and Fir" stained glass windows

This pair of windows depicts the moon as seen through fir trees on the Deer Leap golf course on Texada Island. Done in the semi-abstract "Prairie School" style of stained glass.

Commissioned for the golf course on Texada Island this pair of windows is installed in the kitchen pass through for the club house.

The windows use a combination of textured clear and opalescent glasses to ensure the look wonderful both at night when backlit (above) and during the day with natural lighting (below).

"Moon and Fir" stainded glass windows

Moon and Fir Window pair

  • Clear textured glass
  • Glass in browns, greens and white
  • Copper came and copper frame
  • Diamond shaped
    7" sides (10" diag.)
  • Sold Commission
  • Similar commission:
    $150 each.